Our technology and service

TFC can provide any of our capabilities as individual services.

Basic Thick Film Substrate

Thick film substrates are electronic circuit boards generally made from ceramics. The ceramic is screened with conductor, insulator, and resistor material to form the circuitry. TFC is a one stop shop for your thick film substrate needs. We can take your component from design to completed part, including testing, at a competitive price with quick turn-around.

Thick Film Circuit with Laser Trimming

Through the use of printed resistors, thick film hybrids offer extremely precise resistor values. Once printed, the resistor tracks can be laser trimmed to an exact value which offers much greater accuracy over standard surface mounted resistors. We have two laser trimming machines which are used for fine tuning printed resistors. Common laser trimmed resistor tolerance is +/-1%. Resistors can be precision trimmed to within +/- 0.5% (or less) where necessary. Not only do we trim our own resistors but we also offer precision trimming to other hybrid manufacturers from around the world.

SMT on Thick Film Circuit

Use of epoxy or solder to attach leaded components or components with metalized leads or terminations to the substrate or circuit board. We have also equipped with small size SMT machine, which makes our SMT processes flexible and small-lot friendly. If you are familiar with thick film circuit industry, you will know most of the orders are small-lot and customized. We accept small-lot and hope we can support you on your hybrid assembly.

Electro-Mechanical Assembly

We offers full turnkey manufacturing services and has substantial experience in the manufacture of a broad range of electro-mechanical assemblies for use in multiple industries including the medical and defence sectors. We understand the complexities that having to source multiple suppliers for different parts of your build brings, that’s what we can do it all for you. We have been building up our list of approved suppliers for more than 10 years. This ensures we have someone on hand who we can trust to produce components to exactly the specification you require.

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