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20 years ago, when our founders were working at CPCS(the biggest and most professional RF&Microwave PCB manufacturer), all RF&Microwave Laminate material were from Rogers and Taconic, it was until the recent 10 years we have alternative RF&Microwave laminate material from domestic RF&Microwave CCL manufacturers like:
Experience of Alternative In the past 10 years, because of lead time, MOQ, availability and cost consideration, we have the opportunity to use alterntative RF&Microwave PCB laminate from China manufacturers, customers have replaced Arlon Cuclad 217, Cuclad 233, Cuclad 250, Diclad 527, Diclad 870, Diclad 880, AD250C, AD255C, AD300D, AD350A, AD1000, TC350, TC600, Rogers RT5870, RT5880, RT6002, RT6006, RT6010, RO3003, RO3006, RO3010, RO4003C, RO4350B, RO4360G2; replaced almost all Taconic laminate material from normal PTFE to Hydrocarbon laminate material. Based on more than 10 years fabricating experience and knowledge of both global and domestic high frequency laminate material, we know all RF& Microwave laminate suppliers' material very well and can suggest the most suitable laminate material for customers.
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